5 Tips For Installing Drywall

To get your drywall installed properly and potentially avoid making some costly mistakes, you need to master some of the most important tips.

Buy the right materials

  • Drywall sheets – Take into account the size of the area where you need to install drywall so that you may buy the right size and number of sheets needed. If you need drywall for wet areas like the kitchen or bathroom, make sure you go for the mold and moisture resistant drywall.
  • Joint Material – although premixed joint material is easy to work with, after initial use you can’t store it for future use as it dries out over time. Powdered joint material can be used many times over time because it’s always fresh every time you mix it yourself.

Get the right tools

Some tools like a screw gun, different sizes of taping knives (4-12 inches) and pole sanders are specifically more important when installing drywall, but a lot of other general tools like a tape measure, mixing tools and T-square among others will also make your work easier

Measure more than once before cutting

Cutting the sheets only when you are sure of the measurements will avoid wastage. If there is any electrical box you have to measure its height from the floor and its distance from the nearest corner or adjacent board, then transfer the exact measurements to the drywall sheet where you will need to cut out a hole of the same size and shape.

Do the installation together with a friend

You need extra hands to hang the boards especially for the ceilings. Taping and applying mud to more joints especially for a large room can also be done faster if you have someone helping you. Each of you will focus on ensuring you do the job properly and no important step is likely to be overlooked.

Hang the drywall sheets for the ceiling first

Always hang the drywall boards for the ceiling first and then hang walls starting from the upper section going downwards to the floor.

During the entire process of drywall installation, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s specifications for every material you will be using.

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