How To Choose The Right Drywall Contractor

Even though drywall installation is a straightforward job and in many cases homeowners may consider it their next DIY project, it still takes skills and experience to do it right. The scale and importance of your drywalling project is a factor you should take into account. It can be a labor intensive work and at times too technical. If you have already ruled out doing it yourself, you don’t want to end up hiring an inexperienced contractor without the required skills. The moment you choose to hire, you must consider going for a professional drywall contractor with a proven record of experience.

Check out completed projects

It’s not hard to tell a perfectly done drywall project. All the walls should be smooth such that you can’t tell where the joints of the different drywall sheets are located. If you see several projects the contractor has completed in the past with such high quality finishing, it should indicate that the drywalls were properly installed. The cutting, shaping, hanging, fastening, sealing, taping and joint compound coating of the drywall must have been all done right. That makes great results evident once finishing with priming and painting is done.

Request for credentials

A professional contractor with great reputation never fails to provide any information you request to prove how genuine their service is. It is important to work with a contractor that is properly certified, licensed and insured. They must be willing to provide every proof for all these credentials, so don’t just take their word for it.

Ask them more questions

It’s important to find out the contractor’s years of experience, if they have a crew, how they get the job done exactly, whether they will obtain permits, what the inclusions are, detailed estimates, project start and end dates, written contract agreement, etc. A professional service provider will not evade any of your questions, so if they hesitate to provide answers that should raise a red flag.

Ask for references

The willingness of the contractor to let you know what their clients say about them tells you they stand by the quality of their work. If they are great they must already be having happy customers and will gladly prove it to you.

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