Colors And Their Effect

Every day, we meet a range of different colors that strongly influence our well-being, often without our being aware of it. Especially now in the spring, when it blooms and sprouts: eg on the way to the tram; The shining light green of the trees, the bright silver of the passing cars, the whiff of orange flowers, the wild violet flowers on the roadside. 

There is even color therapy to take advantage of the positive effects of pain for pain relief or encouragement.

Already in your own four walls you can apply this positive effect of colors. The color of the effect which is produced by us depends on our association with the respective color. At the same time, the cultural space, personal experiences and the influences affecting the taste play. While bright colors small rooms make it bigger, give dark shades large rooms a feeling of coziness. Depending on the use of the rooms, colors can be created or accentuated by colors.

1. Colors In The Dining Room

Because eating is a pleasure and you want to stimulate communication and eating, a warm yellow, orange or green is recommended.

2. Colors In The Living Room

Similar to the dining room, the living room is used for rest, energy refueling and entertainment. Therefore a warm red or brown is recommended.

3. Colors In The Bedroom

In the bedroom, it is recommended to choose cool tones to convey a certain practicality and peace. But if you belong to the people who are fast-shivering, then you should choose earth tones instead of the most widely used blue.

4. Colors In The Children’s Room

The children’s bedroom is not only used as a bedroom but also as a playroom. On the one hand, it is intended to stimulate a quiet oasis, on the other hand to play. In the vicinity of the bed, cold and lighter tones should dominate, while in the play corner warm colors are recommended. What colors do you find appealing? Do you feel comfortable in your 4 walls or are you looking for change? Dare to try something new tomorrow!

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