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Expert Drywall USA are the premier specialists for all your drywall repair, drywall installation, painting, and sheetrock repair for commercial and residential projects located in the areas around Desoto, Texas. Customer satisfaction is one thing that we always make sure of. We are happy for our reputation as well as proud of our work. We are the go to place for drywall contractors. We can make the process painless and fast from start of your project to the finish of it.

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We have an amazing track record of being reliable and trustworthy. Expert Drywall USA has become the sheetrock repair and drywall repair company that has over 15,000 projects under its belt for drywall installation. Whenever we are contacted for our services, we know that all customers are treated with respect. We maintain contact with our clients and the plan so we can be flexible to meet client needs.

local-based company

Our services are offered in the surrounding Desoto area. Since we are a local business, that means we support our community. We have commitment to our customers that makes sure that we are able to provide high quality services for reasonable prices. This allows us to work with all of our customers to stay within their budget and still provide a quality service. Doing this has ensured that we have a loyal customer base.

working with experienced contractors

All of our technicians have over 10-years of experience in the business and with over 90 years of combined experience. What this means is, you can rest assured that all of our contractors have the required experience and skills required to finish your project with the highest quality possible. We are proud to state that we are business owned by drywall contractors. This allows us to provide you with error free service.

guanranteed customer satisfaction

Our customers will always come first for our drywall company and we stand proud to help our community. The end result is a product that meets all drywall industry standards of quality workmanship. It is nothing but the best for our customers. We try to have reasonable prices for each project and provide a good estimate for your project. Our company also offers a 1-year warranty on all our work.

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Maintaining communication with customers allows us to be flexible to meet all of your needs. Sometimes, what works for some, will not work for all, so we will try to make this process work best for you. It doesn’t matter what type of drywall services you require, e.g. hanging drywall, plaster repair, interior painting etc. Our drywall contractors can handle your project in a consistent and reliable manner.

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Due to our dedication, quality of our work, and strong spirit our drywall company has grown. This was made possible because we give all projects the same level of dedication and attention. From the consultation to the finish of the project, we will provide drywall services made for you. We can provide an estimate based on your budget and time frame. If you have requirements that aren’t listed on our site, such as plaster repair or remodeling work, we will try to accommodate your specific needs.

Make Sure You Choose The Right Drywall Company In Desoto, TX

Whether your project is just some small improvement to your home or you are planning a complete remodeling, you may want to contact a professional drywall installer for help. Drywall contractors are going to be a big help. If there is miscommunication between you and the technician, it could ruin your project and you won’t enjoy it as much. Be sure to set up expectations for communication with your contractor, which in the end will help with your project results.

You want to make sure that you ask for referrals from your contractor and contact the previous clients and see what they say about the company. Be sure to talk about if they had reasonable prices and if the stayed on budget. You don’t want to hire anyone that does not have a license. Call Expert Drywall USA today to get started.

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