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Water damage can be very devastating and may catch you unaware. Some home owners may experience this situation from a variety of circumstances like leaky pipes, appliance leakages, rain, floods or even sewage water. Rooms that you don’t often access like the basement may also experience water damage without your knowledge. Whatever the source of the water, the damage is not only devastating but can as well be costly if your personal belongings or structural material gets wet. Drywall in particular needs total replacement when it is exposed to moisture because it is porous. Drywall has the capacity to seep in large amounts of water and when this happens, it forms a conducive environment for mold to thrive which can easily spread in the rest of your home. You need to take emergency measures when water invades your property to prevent further damage and do drywall repair to make your living space more habitable.

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Quick Safety Measures

If faced with water damage, there are some 3 quick safety measures that you can take before calling emergency water repair experts and your insurance company. These are:

  1. Find the leakage source – The first thing you should do is to find the source of the leakage and try to contain it. You can simply put a bucket underneath a leak to prevent water from spreading. For leaky pipes, switch off the valve or better still switch off the entire water source for your house. This can be very helpful if you can’t locate the local valve.  
  2. Switch off electricity – Perhaps you know that electricity and water don’t mix. Well if water finds is way to electricity cables or electricity source, the results can be fatal or very damaging to property. Before removing any water near an electricity source, it would be advisable to first switch off electricity in the area and if the water invasion is extensive, switch off the entire electric supply to your house.
  3. Inspect for wetness in your belongings – Water can travel faster and come into contact with your furniture, carpet, wooden floor and eventually reach your drywall. You need to inspect how far the damage has spread and remove anything in the way to prevent damage. To prevent costly drywall water damage repair, contain water headed for drywall too.

Call Your Insurance Company

If you are experiencing water invasion in heavy rains, you need to act first because mold will be in growing on your wet belongings within 48-72 hours. Though many people may be experiencing a similar situation like yours in the rainy season, you should not hesitate calling your insurance company. Since insurance companies are handling many calls, it is important to enquire for important things to quicken up the process of having your home dried and get repairs from water damage done on time.

It is therefore important to enquire about some things when you get an opportunity to reach your insurance company. You can enquire if you are covered, your deductible and the time they would take to your property. The insurance company will then send an adjuster to your home to evaluate the extensive of the damage before compensating you if it is something that they can handle.

Call A Professional Water Restoration Company

After you have settled things with the insurance company, you can go on and call in a water restoration company. It is good to deal with professional service unless you want to deal with a similar problem in future. You understand the value of your property better and calling in experts who will take care of the situation and restore your property is very rewarding than dealing with quacks who only demand more money from you and leave much of the problem unsolved.

Drywall Repair

Additionally, if you are not sure on how to go about with drywall repair, it is better to leave the job to the experts. An expert will inspect the damage, rip the damp drywall and install a new wall to leave your interior looking like new. Finally, always remember that the longer you allow water or moisture to stay in your drywall or personal belongings, the more you are increasing the chances of mold growth which is also costly to eradicate.

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