How To Do Ceiling Repair in Dallas

Drywall ceilings are always impressive when installed well. Drywall ceilings are not only attractive but also insulate rooms against heat loss. Installing ceilings is quite challenging than installing drywall on a room’s walls because you will be working on a higher height. This means that you might need a helping hand. Hiring a professional would even be better because experts in the job have high quality equipment and skills needed in hanging drywall ceilings.

For ceiling installation, get 5/8 inch drywall sheets. A number of materials are used in installing drywall ceilings and you need to have everything ready before work begins. Things you will need include:

Drywall panels
Drywall lift
Drywall knife
Drywall adhesive
Drywall screws
Electric drill
Utility knife
Eye protection

Installation process

These are the steps of hanging drywall on the ceiling:

Step 1 –Preparation of work area

Put on your gloves and eye protection before you get down to work. The area to be worked on has to be prepared before work begins. If you have any plumbing or electrical lines in your ceiling, its advisable to cover them with nail protector plates. This will shield the lines from accidental drilling or nailing and provide an even surface when installing drywall around these obstacles. It is also good to ensure that all electrical switches are turned off.
Preparation should also involve measuring of the area to be covered with drywall.Use a T-square and a pencil to make 16” inches on the middle of the panel. The lines match the 1×3 strapping that is screwed on the ceiling’s joists.
This will guide you know the number of panels you will need. You should also allow for panels that get damaged during installation.

Step 2– cut drywall

To fit the first panel, take measurement from the wall to the middle of the nearest joist. You can then use a utility knife to cut the first drywall panel into exact size. Use a Straightedge to guide you as you use the knife.

Step 3 – attach the drywall sheets on joists

Using a drywall lift, raise the first panel high on the ceiling for screwing. The first sheet should be in the far corner that will allow you to use a full panel. This will also give you an idea of the sheets pattern on the joists.Drywall adhesive can then be applied on the joists to hold the drywall sheets. The adhesive dries quickly. After its dry, which would take typically less than 20 minutes, the panel can be screwed in place. Someone can hold the panel for you as you screw it into the joists but it’s always good to use a drywall lift to crank the panel up and hold it in place. Screws should be 8 to 10 inches apart from each other and 3/8 inches (0.95cm) away from the edges of each panel. Screws should be deep enough but not tear through the drywall.

To ensure that vents and light fixtures are not covered by drywall sheets, use a pencil to mark and make cut outs with an electric drill.

You should then go on with the same procedure until the entire ceiling is covered.

A well hang ceiling drywall can last a long time and insulted your house from heat loss. Hiring expert services can be very helpful if you have never installed drywall before and especially on the ceiling.

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