Why Choose Our Painters for Your Interior Painting Needs In Amarillo, TX?

When you have an interior painting job that needs done, and you want to hire professionals to do it for you, Expert Drywall USA is your go-to source for your home and commercial painting needs in the Amarillo, TX and surrounding areas.

We have been in business for more than 10 years, allowing us to establish a trust and bond with our clients. When you call us, we send over our professional local painters to get an idea of the area that needs painting and then discuss the price and your expectations. We know how important a good rapport is for our client, as it allows us to understand them and their goals better. We work in our estimated budget and timeline to ensure you get the best like you deserve.

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Services Our Painters Offer

  • Baseboards, Trim painting, Crown molding
  • Walls, Ceilings and Drywall
  • Custom textures, Faux finishes
  • Any job we feel we can handle – you just need to ask us.

We use the best products for all our interior painting jobs, such as environmental friendly paints, primers and sealants, so that they last a long time and don’t fade. It doesn’t matter if it’s one room or the entire house or company, we have the experts to do this job for you. Our quality craftsmanship is our biggest asset and we are proud of what we do.

Our Promise to Every Customer

We hire the most experienced interior painting contractors that will carry out a job to be proud of. We are so confident in their abilities that we offer a one-year warranty. However, you’ll never need it because we’ll deliver exactly what you want the first time out.

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Our 101 Interior House Painting Tips

If you have no idea what it’s like to work with our local painters, here are few steps to help you learn how we work:

1. Readying the room. We start by first removing the furniture and lay down canvas tarps to cover your floor. We’ll use tape to ensure the tarp is held down, so it won’t come off. If there are any paintings or pictures on the wall, we remove these as well. We’ll also remove doorknobs and other hardware to make sure nothing gets paint on it.

2. Readying the walls. We’ll remove all nails and spackle every hole. We’ll allow the spackle to dry, scraping or sanding it off. Dust and cobwebs will be removed before we use soap and water and a wet rag.

3. Priming the walls. We’ll place a coat of primer on the wall surface and, upon drying, we’ll start painting the surface.

Custom house painting job in modern style
fully renovated and painted entertainment area

4. Painting the walls. We’ll put on the first coat, using a wide roller on the flat areas. We suggest you begin at the center and continue outwards. With the corners and edges, you’ll want an angle paint brush, which should dry first before the second coating is applied. Upon its drying, the appearance will dictate whether or not another coat is necessary.

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If you have any questions, make sure you call us to learn more about what we do and how we can assist you. We’ve been in the field of carpentry for some time now in the Amarillo, Texas area. And, we know that we can help you.

What Can Our Painting Contractors Do For You In Amarillo, TX?

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Competitive Quotes For All Our Interior Painting Services In Amarillo, TX

We are one of the best residential and commercial wall painting specialists in the Amarillo area, and we work hard to ensure our loyal customers are happy customers. We provide every client with the best work possible at a very affordable price. If you choose our craftsmen for your painting needs, you’ll see why we are above average. Do you need a custom job or larger project completed, such as the renovation of your bathroom, wall repair in your attic or basement? Then, we can help. No job is too small or too big, whether it is texture work, plaster repair, wallpaper or popcorn removal.

For us to keep up the competitive spirit, we hire only experts with at least 10 years of experience. We hire contractors who are pleased with the quality of their work – to be happy when you deliver an exceptional service that went above and beyond the clients’ expectations. And, because we’re happy with the service and workmanship we provide, our clients have rated the highest in the area for delivering on what we promise. We customize our prices based on individual jobs – the skills, materials and timeline all play a part in the price.

Make Sure You Choose The Right Painting Company In Amarillo, TX

We’ve had high standards for ourselves for quite some time. We have a process of carrying out our projects and fulfilling them, so they are the best you’ll ever see. We offer our staff training for every project so that they can provide the best service possible.

If you want to know what kind of work we’ve done, we can provide you with a list of projects we’ve carried out. We will give you the rundown of each one if you’d like to hear it.

We’ve been in business for 20 years, ensuring high-quality products for our clients and gaining their trust. We have a financially stable business, which means our employees and clients can feel secure about the state of affairs. Curious about services and how we can assist you? Give ExpertDrywallUSA.com a call, and we’ll be happy to discuss our services.

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