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Looking for professional interior painters in Fort Worth, TX and surrounding area? If so, then Expert Drywall USA guarantees your top choice of experts to meet any of your needs for residential or commercial interior painting. Our extensive experience spans over the last 10 years and while doing our business earned great reputation and trust from the clients we serve. As soon as you call us, we dispatch our expert painters that arrive on time to check the room you need painted. They assess and give you the estimated cost after discussing with you how you prefer the job done. We take it a priority to establish excellent relations with our clients because it greatly helps us in understanding their needs. We focus on delivering quality work on time and within the estimated budget.

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Services Our Painters Offer

  • CWalls, Ceilings, and Drywall
  • Baseboards, Trim Painting and Crown Molding
  • Textures and Faux finishes
  • We can handle a lot more – Just ask!

Our painting contractors make sure to do the job using the best products available, such as environmental friendly and low VOC paints, primers and sealants, so with us you can only expect high quality house painting and finishes that last long without fading. Whatever your interior painting needs are, working on a single room or the whole house, our craftsmen are ready to help you.

Our Promise to Every Customer

We only work with the most qualified painting contractors. Since we have great confidence with our services, we are glad to offer our customers a full year warranty for each. We guarantee that if you choose us to work on your home, we make every effort to deliver and exceed your expectations.

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Our 101 Interior House Painting Tips

If you are wondering what will happen if you choose to work with us, you should keep on reading to learn about it. Here we are going to share with you the basic steps that we follow during our operations:

1. Preparation of the room. Our painters will first get the furniture outside your rooms and then use canvas tarps for covering the floor. We make use of a tape for holding firm the tarp to the floor such that it can’t come off when doing the painting. Next, it is important to remove everything hanging from the walls, such as nails and old wallpaper. For doorknobs or any hardware that can’t be taken down, we get it covered for the entire period we do the painting.

2. Preparation of the walls. If there are any nails on the walls we remove them. Our painters use spackling to fill all the holes and cracks that may be present. When the spackling dries up, it must be scrapped off or sanding is done to make the walls even. Removal of any cobwebs or dust must be done before with wet rag and soapy water for effective cleaning.

3. Applying primer coat. Before you paint your wall surface, it is essential to apply a primer coat. You can then paint your walls once the primer coat completely dries.

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fully renovated and painted entertainment area

4. Applying paint. When applying the initial coat, it’s best to use a roller because it can easily cover extensive, flat areas. It’s advisable to start painting from the central point and work your way to the other ends. If you will be painting corners and edges, we recommend use of an angled brush. Let the first paint coat dry completely before applying a second one. The appearance of the second coat that has completely dried will determine if there is need to apply an additional coat.

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Over the years, our company has specialized in carpentry in Fort Worth, TX. To get more information on our services and top workmanship, just give us a phone call.

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We are proud to be among the leading interior painting businesses in Fort Worth, TX area. Serving loyal customers delights us because our services are up to standards and very affordable. All our work is warranted and insured. If you choose to hire our interior services, it will not take you long before you notice that our job is above average. Let us know if you require custom work such as ceiling installations and repair, custom textures, plaster and faux finishes. There is no interior renovation job we cannot do.

To stay in business, we ensure that the local painters we hire have over 10 years of experience in the residential and commercial carpentry field. We are happy with our exceptional wall painting services and our customers have been giving us high ratings for right and timely deliveries. Our prices are not fixed; we will charge you according to the job at hand. The materials, skills required and project time-limit will determine the price.

Make Sure You Choose The Right Painting Company In Fort Worth, TX

From the time our renovation and home improvement company was initiated, our standards have always been high. We are ahead of our competitors in the strategies we use when carrying out our projects and the quality results are incomparable. We constantly train our staff and the team members for different projects are selected according to their specialization. We keep records of previous interior house and wall painting projects and their accreditation which we will pleasantly share in details with customers willing to understand our services.

With a reputation of close to 20 years, our business has successfully provided exceptional services for our customers and they have been loyal to us. We are financially stable. This assures our painters and customers stick with us in the long run. If you are interested to know how we execute our projects or want us to discuss some business matters with you, please contact ExpertDrywallUSA.com.

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