Why Choose Our Painters for Your Interior Painting Needs In Mansfield, TX?

The place for all your professional house painting needs in the Mansfield, Texas area is Expert Drywall USA. We have been in this industry for over 10 years and have over two decades of experience in interior painting, house painting and hiring painting contractors. We will come to your home and have one of our painters assess the project and provide you with a custom quote. We will work with you to ensure that we stay within your budget while meeting all your needs.

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Painting Services We Offer In Mansfield

  • Crown molding, trim and baseboards
  • Drywall and ceilings
  • Crown Molding, Baseboards, and Trim Painting
  • Need a custom job? Get in touch with us.

We will only use the highest quality materials for your wall painting to ensure a fade free, long lasting finish. Whether it is just a single wall or your whole house, we can help.

Easy, Convenient and Reliable

We only hire the most qualified painting contractors and offer a warranty for all our work. Whenever you pick us for your project, you can be assured that you picked a house painting company that only has high standard work. We care about our customers, which means that we will do everything possible to give you high quality results.

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Our Best Practice Painting Guide In Mansfield

It doesn’t matter if you require just wall painting for your premises, it is vital to have a consistent process. Below are a few tips from our team.:

1. Prep the space. The painters will remove your furniture, and anything on the walls that don’t need to be painted. They will then place tarps down and tape them to ensure they don’t move. The door knobs and other hardware is covered as well.

2. Prep the walls. The nails and screws are removed and the holes and cracks are filled with a filler. When it is dry, it is sanded down to match the wall. Then the walls are cleaned with soap and rags. Cobwebs, grime, and dust is removed. If it is the kitchen, a degreaser is used on the walls to remove any grease.

3. Priming the walls. The walls are coated in a primer and then we wait for it dry.

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fully renovated and painted entertainment area

4. Painting the walls. A first coat of paint is done by roller to cover the wide areas and an angled brush is used for the corners and edges of the walls. We wait for the paint to dry and then apply a second coat. Once the second coat has dried, we may apply a third coat if needed.

We take pride in our craft and the wall painting services we can provide. Among other things, our local painters can also help you with jobs, such as ceiling restorations, faux finishes, popcorn and wallpaper removal, and texture work.

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We are a trusted drywall company located in Mansfield, Texas. Contact us today for all of your home remodeling needs.

What Can Our Painting Contractors Do For You In Mansfield, TX?

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Our painting contractors have over 20 years of experience in commercial and residential painting. Due to recent growth, we are able to take on larger projects than before, and can give clients complete service from start to finish of a project. It doesn’t matter the size of the project; we will not go over budget. If you need to start a project but unsure of where to start, contact Expert Drywall USA. We can give you the most up to date materials and products, which ensure that you get the best quality at the greatest value.

Make Sure You Choose The Right Painting Company In Mansfield, TX

Whether you are remodeling or building, you can make it easier by hiring a professional drywall company in the area. Below are tips to find someone who is perfect for your project.

1. Assess your project. There are some projects that you may be able to do on your own, but if you are thinking of a bigger project, it may be best to use a professional who can do the job efficiently and quickly.

2. Research. Do a bit of research to find a list of painters in your area and see if you can find customer reviews.

3. Ask questions. Once you narrowed your list down, set up to talk to your potential painters. The good ones will make time to talk about your project.

4. Look at experience and skills. Although you could save time by using someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience, you would put your project at risk. Try to use an experienced company that have strong skills.

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