Why Choose Our Painters for Your Interior Painting Needs In Pearland, TX?

Expert Drywall USA is a drywall company with professional interior painters that have the experience needed to provide both commercial and residential painting within Pearland, Texas. We have been providing interior painting for more than 10 years, building a trusted reputation among clients. Once you reach out to us regarding a quote, you will speak with our friendly staff and a professional painter that will come out to your property to inspect your premises and the area that you need to get painted. In addition, we will subsequently discuss your paint job in more detail, specifically clarify the involved costs, time, material and required labor. We strive to keep a positive rapport among customers, allowing us to be aware of our customer’s needs and wants. We work hard to provide the excellent craftsmanship, while remaining within budget and being on schedule.

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Services Our Painters Offer In Pearland

  • Walls and Ceilings
  • Drywall and Plaster
  • Crown molding, baseboards, and trim painting
  • Other interior painting jobs. Talk to us!

Because our professional painters only use the highest quality of paint products, every job will receive the best, every time with long lasting finishes that are fade free. It does not matter if you are wanting to paint a single room, your entire house, or a single wall, we would be glad to help bring your vision to reality.

Quality Workmanship That Lasts

At Expert Drywall USA we only employee well-trained and certified painting contractors. This allows us to be confident enough that services are the best, backed with a 1-year warranty. We stand behind our craft and deliver what we promise. At the end of the day, we want you to be 100% certain that you made the right choice of hiring the team of Expert Drywall USA.

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Our House Painting Guideline In Pearland

If you are still unsure if you should go with our wall painting services, continue reading to learn some of the basic steps on how we operate:

Preparing the room – The initial step to any interior painting job is to remove furniture, and cover floors using canvas tarps to protect surfaces. We use tape for holding the tarp down on the floor, this ensures it is firm and will not raise during painting. If there are objects on the walls, such as picture frames or decor, it will need to be removed to avoid accidental painting. Hardware such as door knobs that are not removed will need to be properly covered.

Preparing the walls – The next step is to prepare the walls for painting, which means removing screws, wallpaper, nails and other objects that may be in the surface. Holes will need to be filled using spackling, then our professionals allow the spackling to fully dry. The excess will be scrapped off to ensure a smooth surface, sanded if necessary. Dust, cobwebs and other debris will be removed with a wet rag, soap and water.

Priming walls – For priming the walls, a coat of primer will be applied to the surface prior to starting the first coat of paint. The primer will be given time to dry.

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fully renovated and painted entertainment area

Painting walls – Our painters use a roller brush to apply the initial coat of paint to the larger surfaces. We highly recommend starting in the center and working outwards working to either end of the wall surface. For corners and edges, we use angled brushes that are more effective. Once the initial coat of paint dries, a second coat is applied. Once this coat dries, your paint job will either be complete, or if a third coat is needed we will apply another coat.

Got a renovation project coming up & looking for custom services? There is a lot more our painting contractors can do, such as; ceiling restorations, stucco, popcorn and wallpaper removal, faux finishes, texture matching etc.

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Our painters have been in the interior painting industry for over a decade, servicing properties in Pearland, TX. Just give us a call to learn more about how we operate and what we can do for you.

What Can Our Painting Contractors Do For You In Pearland, TX?

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As a leading interior painting and drywall company within Pearland, Texas we enjoy working with loyal customers, knowing we are providing the highest standard services in the area at a reasonable rate. When deciding to go with our house painting services, you too will quickly learn why our customers say Expert Drywall USA is above average.

To sustain a competitive advantage over our competition, we ensure to employ professionals with the experience required to do the best job every time. For that reason, all of our painting contractors have at least 10 years of experience in the field. Because of our dedication to providing quality services, we have been highly rated for being able to deliver what customers were promised, and within the scheduled time frame. While the price of each job depends on what you want, from the type of materials and skills required to complete the job, to the available time frame. Call us for a quote today!

Make Sure You Choose The Right Painting Company In Pearland, TX

Ever since we began, we have remained to uphold a high standard for our clients. We use a method for executing projects on time while providing quality which our competition has not been able to beat. Expert Drywall USA provides our staff with the required training to be prepared for any job requirements and specifications. Also, we have a list of accreditations and project portfolios of completed jobs we can share with you, will full details if desired.

Our heritage goes back almost 10 years, with our quality services being provided to customers and building trust ever since. We are a drywall company that is financially stable, giving both our customers and workers the peace of mind that we are not going anywhere. If you want to learn more about how we can assist you, give us a call.

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