Why Choose Our Painters for Your Interior Painting Needs In San Marcos, TX?

Expert Drywall USA has one of the most affordable rates for interior painting, drywall repair and general carpentry services in San Marcos, TX. Save yourself from inhaling dangerous paint chemicals and hire our team of painting contractors to work on your next home renovation project. If you need a more customized service, we can also provide texture work, ceiling repair and installation, framing, popcorn and wallpaper removal. Interior house and wall painting is something that should be done by experts. And, we have mastered this craft over the last two decades since we first opened our doors. Let us help you make your residential or commercial buildings a little bit brighter and more colorful through our talented interior painters.

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Jobs Our Painters Can Do For You

  • Walls, Ceilings, Drywall
  • Faux Finishes and other textures
  • Crown Molding, Baseboards, and Trim Painting
  • We also do custom work! Talk to us about your specific request.

Our interior house painting service is superior compared to most of our competitors because Expert Drywall USA only uses the best painting materials and equipment available on the market. As part of our commitment to deliver excellent painting and drywall services, our team of local painters can accommodate any specific requests you may have. Working with us is as simple as dialing our phone number below!

Committed To Our Customers

Even if your interior wall painting needs is as simple as painting a single wall or an entire house, you will get a one year warranty on all services we provide. No project is too big or small for us. If you want a quality painting service in San Marcos, TX, then look no further as Expert Drywall USA has a proven track experience.

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Interior House Painting Step-By-Step

Here is how we approach the usual painting process so that you have an idea of how our painters and carpenters collaborate:

1. Prepare the rooms. To start with, all non-essential furniture and items are moved to another room to keep them safe from being accidentally painted. Our contractors will then cover up the area not needed for painting with our plastic covers and sheets. Once the job paint is completed, we will make sure to move the furniture back to where they came from.

2. Prepare the walls. In order to maximize the working area, all walls and ceilings must be cleaned and scrubbed to become smoother; it is hard to paint in a rough area and it can even cause the layers of paint to easily chip over time. If your premises have wooden walls, our painters will attempt to smooth the surface using sandpaper. We will make sure that there will be no hanging nails or screws that can cause a disturbance while painting.

3. Prime the walls. Next, we are priming the walls and ceilings before we proceed with painting to ensure the coats of paint we are about to apply will have a long lasting effect and extra protected.

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4. Paint the walls. After planning where to paint, our carpenters start to plot out the painting area on the walls and ceilings. All our painters are certified and trained with the best practices so that we can give you the best possible end product.

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Call Expert Drywall USA today and get an estimate for your interior wall and house painting needs. We are happy to discuss whatever needs to be done and can be improved in terms of completing your home renovation project.

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In order to provide a range of competitive home renovation and remodeling services in and around San Marcos, TX, we have made the commitment to deliver top-notch craftsmanship for an affordable price. Building our reputation in our local community didn't happen over night and took hard work and diligence to win our customers' trust.

Our team of painters, carpenters and painting contractors have all been with us for at five years and more. We only work with the most experienced professionals which allows us to take on a variety of different projects at the same time. If you are looking for residential or commercial renovation services that are not listed here, let us know and we will try to accommodate your needs.

Make Sure You Choose The Right Painting Company In San Marcos, TX

If you are contemplating of hiring our team of contractors for your next project, it is best to start off by reaching out to one of our friendly staff members to provide you with an obligation free estimate. Most importantly, ask questions if you are still unsure whether our services are right for you. Below is an image gallery of previous work that we completed which may give you an idea of what we are capable of.

Our quality standards are as high as they have ever been since we first opened our doors. Our team's standards of work and project management are second to none. And, we provide ongoing in-house training to remain up-to-date of any industry trends and work practices.

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