Why Choose Our Painters for Your Interior Painting Needs In Texas City, TX?

The professional interior painters at Expert Drywall USA have the skills and expertise needed for providing high-end painting services to commercial and residential properties in and around Texas City, TX. Our team of qualified painting contractors all have more than 10 years of experience in the construction and home improvement field. Hiring one of our competent teams of carpenters is a simple and convenient process; When you first contact our local office regarding an estimate, we will send out one of our lead painting contractors to inspect the premises of your building and provide you with a quote including time, labor, material and costs involved. We have the means of handling small and single wall painting jobs to large house painting projects. All our painters work hard to maintain the trust we have built with clients. That is why we always uphold a high standard and understand the needs of the market we operate in. Above all, our objective is to complete paint jobs based on your budget, time and other individual needs.

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Services Our Painters Offer In Texas City

You will receive a high quality wall painting each time as we only use premium paint materials. This allows our painters to provide a fading free and long lasting interior paint finish that you can enjoy for years to come. We can handle a range of projects, small to large including:

  • Wall and House painting
  • Drywall, Plaster and Ceilings
  • Trim, Baseboards, Crown molding
  • And much more. Call us to find out!

A Full-Service Drywall Company

Expert Drywall USA only hires the best of the best, with painting contractors having a minimum of 10 years in the home renovation field. This gives us the confidence that you will be able to receive a personalized customer service and quality end product.

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Premium House Painting In Texas City

Below are the steps our painters take to ensure your house painting job is successful and maintains our high standard:

Step One: Remove Objects

It is unlikely you want your furniture and décor painted, so we ensure all objects that are not to be painted get removed prior to starting. Once the room is cleared, painters lay down canvas tarp and secure it with tape to ensure no paint leaks occur.

Step Two: Wall Prepping

When the hardware and floor is secured, the next step is to ensure the wall surface is smooth for painting. This requires nails and other obstacles to be removed, any holes to be filled in, then sanded down. Spackling is used for filling nail holes, allowed to dry, and smoothed for a nice and ready surface.

Step Three: Primer

This step simply requires our painting contractors to apply a primer coat to prepare the wall for the initial coat of paint.

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Step Four: Wall Painting

The wall is smooth, primed and ready to paint. Our painters will begin apply thing first coat of paint starting from the center of the surface and working outward to either side of the room. A roller brush is used for the larger spaces, with an angled brush used for the smaller areas such as corners, edges, trim, etc. This gives the best appearance once finished, with an even coat. After drying, a second coat is applied. If needed, our painting contractors will apply a third coat, but two coats are often enough.

In addition, we can also handle a variety of other jobs, such as; ceiling restorations, texture matching, popcorn and wallpaper removal, stucco, faux finishes etc.

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If you have any further questions or would like to set up a time for a house painting, contact Expert Drywall USA in Texas City. We would be glad to show you why so many customers continue coming back.

What Can Our Painting Contractors Do For You In Texas City, TX?

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Competitive Quotes For All Our Interior Painting Services In Texas City, TX

When it comes to remaining a leading drywall company within Texas City, TX we are required to maintain our high standards. Although, Expert Drywall USA still provides services at a reasonable price and are confident that you will receive the quality services you want.

For us to maintain a competitive advantage among drywall companies, we hire painting contractors that have no less than 10 years of interior painting experience. This allows us to provide clients with the quality service they want, while continuing to receive a high rating for delivering our promises every time. We work hard to remain in budget and on time. However, price varies between jobs and is determined on the skills required, materials used and time frame available. Contact us to get a custom quote for your project.

Make Sure You Choose The Right Painting Company In Texas City, TX

From the start, we have made sure to continue providing a high level of standards for every one of our client. We use techniques for completing each job that offers quality work which is unbeatable. We are so confident in our painting contractor’s ability to satisfy our clients that we give a 1-year warranty on all of our services! Each team is assigned based on your job requirements, this ensures each team has the skills required to quickly and efficiently finish the job.

Our company history goes back almost 10 years, building customer trust has been our main objective and a motivation for high standards. We are a financially stable drywall company that is here to stay. This means we will provide you with the quality service you deserve, to build customer loyalty.

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