Why Choose Our Painters for Your Interior Painting Needs In Tyler, TX?

Expert Drywall USA are renowned professionals in interior painting for homes and commercial buildings in Tyler, TX and its neighborhoods. Our company has existed for over a decade and over the years, we have built a strong relationship with our clients. Working with us is very simple and follows a straight forward process. Once we receive your call, we will send a team of our local painters to your property to assess the rooms that you need painted. Our painting contractors will discuss with you how you want the work to be executed, the time-frame, and the charges for the job. We encourage rapport with our clients because it helps us have a better understanding of their needs so that we can deliver quality craftsmanship. While delivering interior house painting services that are within the estimated time and budget, we also ensure quality is maintained throughout our work.

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Services Provided By Our Painters

We provide a variety of services which include:

  • Trim, Wall and Ceiling painting
  • Crown molding, Drywall and Plaster finishing
  • Textures and Faux Finishes
  • Any other renovation and remodeling jobs

To produce quality results and non-fading finishes that will last for years, our painters use premier painting products, such as odorless paints, primers and sealants. We are always delighted to meet your needs whether you want to decorate one or all of your house’s rooms, we can deliver all that.

Our Commitment To You

We choose highly trained local wall painting experts to deliver services to our customers. Rest assured that our services are of high quality and always come with a full-year warranty. You can trust us to deliver what you need when you choose our company to work for you.

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Our 101 Interior House Painting Tips

If you want to know how we get our paint jobs done, below is a short description of the steps we use when painting a room:

1. Prepare the room. The very first thing our craftsmen do is evacuate the furniture to safer storage area and protect the room’s floor using canvas tarps. To keep the tarp in place while painting, we will fasten it with tape. We will also take down all wall hangings. Door knobs and fixed hardware will also remain covered with plastic bags until we finish the job.

2. Prepare the walls. Our contractors will then remove any nails on the walls. Next, any crack or hole will be filled with spackling. After the sparkling has dried well, we will sand it smooth. Cleaning of the wall surface with soap and wet cloth will be done but this is after dust and cobwebs have been removed.

3. Wall priming A coat of primer is applied on the wall surface to prepare a foundation for painting. The actual job will only begin after the primer has properly dried.

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fully renovated and painted entertainment area

4. Paint the wall surface. Painting comes after the wall surface has completely dried. A roller is more useful when applying the first coat of paint since it can easily cover wide, even areas. For more convenience when interior painting, we begin from the centre of the room and work towards other sections of the room. Since a roller can’t reach edges or corners we use angled paint brushes for such areas. Once the first paint coat dries well, we will apply a second coat. We can apply a third coat if the second coat does not look good enough.

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Expert Drywall USA has provided carpentry services for many years in Tyler, TX. Call us if you are interested in our services.

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Our interior painting company is fully insured and bonded and among the highly ranked businesses in Tyler, TX area. We are proud and happy to serve our loyal customers and ensure that they get quality services at lower prices. After making a decision to use our quality workmanship, it will only take you a short time to notice that our local painters are above average.

ExpertDrywallUSA.com only hire local contractors with more than 10 years of service in the carpentry sector. We are glad with our professionalism and have constantly received high rankings for fulfilling our service delivery just in time. We don’t have a specific charge for our services, the price we charge will be determined by the specific task we do. In addition to that, work skills, supplies and project time-frame will be considered in determining the price. If you have a home renovation project coming up and you need jobs done that are not mention on our website, then please read on. Other areas of our expertise are, high ceiling painting and repair, drywall painting and repair in attics and basements, wallpaper and popcorn removal as well as various texture and faux finish work.

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We have maintained high standards from the time our company was initiated. We use unique strategies in all our projects which put us ahead of our business rivals. Our staff is well trained to specialize in different areas and jobs are assigned to the respective areas of specialization. We keep a huge portfolio and project accreditation that we have successfully carried out that we would enjoy sharing with you if you have some time to spare with us.

Our heritage dates back close to 2 decades in which we have excelled in serving our clients and they trust us very much. Our financial stability gives our painters and customers more trust in us. We are always open to anyone willing to understand or hire our professional services.

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