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Expert Drywall USA are specialists at professional interior painting with the focus on commercial and residential properties in and around Wichita Falls, TX. We have been in this industry for over a decade, and our clients can depend on our quality workmanship our skilled local contractors provide. When we hear from you, one of our qualified painters will visit your home and inspect the rooms to be painted. Afterwards, we will discuss any required project expenses and your individual expectations on the job you want to be done. Good communication with all our customers is vital as it lets us determine what kind of outcome they desire. Depending what your budget and time frame, our craftsmen’ main priority is to get the job done to your satisfaction.

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Services Provided By Our Painters

  • Ceiling, Walls
  • Crown Molding, Baseboards, and Trim Painting
  • Drywall, Plaster and Brick
  • Just About Anything Else - Ask Us for More Info!

We only use environmental friendly wall painting products, such as green paints, and low odor primers and sealants so our remodeling work lasts a long time and our finishes don’t fade away. Whether you want the entire household painted or just a single room, our contractors are happy to accommodate your needs.

For a Quality Finished Product

The local house painting contractors that work for us are thoroughly selected based on their years of experience and their level of craftsmanship. We are most confident that you’ll be satisfied with the quality of work we provide and we offer a 1-year warranty on it. Our business is fully insured.

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Successful House Painting 101

If you’re still not convinced that you should hire our local painters to work on your home or business, keep reading. We will enlighten you about some of our fundamental steps on how we get the job done:

1. Prepare the rooms. Our initial step is to remove the furniture out of your house and then cover up the floor using canvas tarps. We will tape the tarp to the floor firmly so it doesn’t get lose while we paint. Anything on the walls, such as nails, pictures and wallpaper will be removed. Anything else that cannot be taken down will be covered up until the end of the job.

2. Prepare the walls. After removing the nails on the wall, cracks and holes will be filled up with spackling paste. The spackling will need to dry prior to being sanded down or scraped off the wall. Dust and cobwebs will be taken away prior to cleaning the walls with soap, water, and a wet rag.

3. Prime the walls. When priming a wall, a coat of primer will be applied on the wall’s surface. After the primer has dried, our painters can go ahead and paint the wall surface.

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fully renovated and painted entertainment area

4. Paint the walls. When the first coat is applied, a roller will be used, as it can reach flat and wide spaces. We will begin from the middle and progressively move towards the other side of the room. For corner and edges, we’ll use an angled paintbrush, as they are more efficient. Once the application of the first coat of paint has dried, the second coat can then be applied. Once that dries, we’ll use our judgment to determine if another coat is necessary.

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We have been in this industry for quite a while in Wichita Falls, TX. If you are interested in knowing more about what we can do for your home, give us a call.

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As one of the highest rated interior painting companies in Wichita Falls, TX area, collaborating with loyal customers pleases us, so much so that we offer quality services at competitive rates. If you choose to use us, you will hastily see that we are more than just your average painting company.

To maintain a competitive work environment, we ensure that our professionals have at least a decade of experience in the field. We come highly recommended because we deliver what we promise to our customers. Duration, type of job, and materials are factors when we quote a project. We also don’t have any problems if you need to get renovation work done that is not listed here such as custom textures, faux finishes, drywall and plaster repair, and much more!

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We’ve always been held to our high standard craftsmanship. Our approach to getting interior paint jobs done efficiently can’t be beaten by anyone. We train our local foremen thoroughly and each project team is chosen based on their expertise. We also have a portfolio and accreditation of jobs that we have finished to show you if you’re interested.

For years, ExpertDrywallUSA.com have successfully offered quality services and won the trust of our customers. Our company is financially stable, and this provides our staff and clients peace of mind. If you are interested in more information about how we work or want to obtain a quote, contact us.

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