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Hello this is Andrew from Expert Drywall USA in Dallas, TX. In today’s blog post I am going to show you how to repair crumbling plaster. I have recently been working on a hundred-year-old house and the walls there were covered with wallpaper. As you can see in the images below, it also looks like some water damage occurred from the bathroom upstairs. And you can see the wallpaper is the only thing holding the plaster together. If I only touched the wall at all, it just crumbled behind the wallpaper. Basically, what I did was a sizable repair on the walls. And I am going to show you how you can do the same.
plaster repair dallas tx

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You can see the whole wall kind of buckled when I pushed on it. And a little bit further down it got a little more solid. What you need to do first is to find a solid spot. And by using a multi-tool, you need to cut out a straight line so that you can match a wall board up to it.
repair crumbling drywall dallas tx
Next, I ran a utility knife down the corner, because the homeowner wanted to keep the wallpaper on the other walls.
drywall plaster repair dallas tx
Once I had that all set, I went ahead and started removing all the loose plaster. First part where it was wet came out real easy. But then it got a little more difficult where the plaster had not been damaged. Make sure that you get all the plaster down around the moldings.
patch plaster hole dallas tx

Keep your lines nice and straight. That’ll make it easier for the repair job. I ran into a little bit of wire mesh and all I needed to do was cut that as close as I could to the plaster.
fix plaster dallas tx
Next, I went down to the baseboard and just cleaned out all the ends; all the corners all around all the moldings, because that’s where the drywall sat.
repair plaster water damage dallas tx
I then went along the edge of the wall with my oscillating tool. This gave me a nice straight line so that the repair looked much better in the end.
repair plaster drywall mold dallas tx

Once I’ve got all of the old plaster out and I removed it around the mouldings, you can see in the image below there’s just the slat boards behind it, all the way down to the moulding. I even sucked that out with a shop vac. The idea is that your drywall needs to fit in there and make it a nice and tight seam.
water damage repair dallas tx

Next, I went ahead and measured my studs. Apart from that, I also measured to see where my seam was going to hit on the drywall.

Once I got my drywall cut height wise, I was able to slide it down into the molding and in behind the molding. And that’ll basically give you a nice clean look.

Put a few screws in it to hold it in place. Make sure, the line on the side of the molding is nice and straight.

Next, the tricky part is to get the existing wall align with your drywall. I recommend you take a piece of scrap drywall and check if you notice any bumps or differences in thickness.

To fix the problem, I took some liquid nail and ran it along one of the studs. Then, I used some shims to put up there and to hold the shim in place until I got the piece of drywall screwed in.

Again, the idea is that my half-inch sheet of drywall will be flush with the existing plaster that’s in good shape. Once that’s done, and I had all of my shims glued in place, then took my test piece of drywall and laid it up there to make sure it’s pretty flush across there. Essentially, the whole process makes it a whole lot easier to finish one from plasters to drywall. It makes it easier to tape and mud in the next step.

The next step is just to do your normal drywall mudding and tape. And then after that, I’m going to take the painters caulk and run along the baseboards and the case molding and wipe that down. As you can see once I get done with all this we got a nice clean repair job that’s ready to primer and paint. And this is how you repair crumbling plaster in an older house.

Interested in hiring a professional drywall installation and repair company in Dallas, TX or surrounding areas? Give us a call at (214) 761-8363 and make an appointment today!

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