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Well, my son actually put a hole in a wall recently, and I wanted to show you how to fix it, just in case it happens to you. First, measure the hole in the wall. Next, add an inch measurement to all four sides of the hole because there will be larger broken pieces inside the wall. The added area helps to eliminate any weaknesses.

Next, you could add a piece of drywall to the desired size. Then place it over the hole and trace the pattern on the existing wall with a pencil. If needed you can retrace the line with a straight edge.

Using a utility knife carefully cut the wall along the pencil line. The cut needs to be through the paper layer of the drywall but do not press too hard or you can cause more damage. From each corner make a slice towards the center of the hole. You may want to use a sole to cut all the way through, but be careful with any wires or pipes. Then carefully grasp one side and bend it inward making sure to pivot along the outside cut. In this case, there’s a stud behind the repair zone. So we had to take extra caution not to cause any more damage.

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Using the utility knife carefully, trim around the edges to make every side it’s clean of a cut as possible. Now it is time to insert a wood support behind the wall. The wood allows you to press in the new section without concern of it falling behind the wall. I used a large paint stirrer but you can use any strong piece of wood. Using drywall screws I supported the wood with a screw on the top and the bottom.

Now insert the new section and secure it with a couple of screws. In our case I added a third screw to the stud but this is not required. Note that all the screws needed to be resting just barely below the surface of the wall.

Using a small putty knife at a layer of joint compound across the entire new section taking special care to fill in all the edges and over every screw. Now using a wide putty knife scrape away the excess compound and let everything dry overnight.

For the next step you’ll need some kind of a breathing mask, because it’s not a good idea to breathe the compound dust. Using a sanding block gently sand away all high spots to get a somewhat smooth surface. Here’s a tip; if you place a vacuum just below the sanding block, you can catch much of the falling dust.

But there will be some dust now reapply the joint compound over the entire surface scrape away any excess and let it dry. Later send the a get to a smooth finish. If needed repeat this step, and you’re now ready to repaint the wall.

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