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At Expert Drywall USA in Wichita Falls, we are all about ‘Do it as a pro’. I’m Andrew Lloyd and in today’s blog post we will be talking about how to pair holes in sheetrock.

Many of you may have this problem in your home. Today I’m going to tell you how to fix it. A lot of people try to do this repair with one application, but unfortunately they don’t get good results. You are going to need three applications to get this right. So, let’s jump right in. First off, you need the following materials:

.) Half-inch sheetrock
.) Inch and a quarter sheetrock screws (coarse threads)
.) 20 or 45 minute fast setting joint compound
.) regular setting joint compound
.) paper joint tape

The tools you will need are:

.) stud finder
.) straight edge (yardstick)
.) keyhole or sheetrock saw
.) utility knife (extra blades)
.) drill with phillips head attachment
.) 6 inch and 8 inch sheetrock finishing knife
.) sheetrock mud pan
.) medium grit sanding block or drywall sander

Okay so let’s get started. First, mark your studs using a stud finder around the hole.
sheetrock repair wichita falls tx

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Next, make a straight line using a straightedge and you’re going to make a box around the repair area.
drywall repair wichita falls texas
Next, use your keyhole saw to cut out the damaged bearings. You’re also using the chilly night cut out the areas on the stud.
patching sheetrock drywall wichita falls
Use your hand or in order to break out the damaged materials.
repair damaged sheetrock wichita falls tx
Measure the area to be replaced.
fix damaged drywall wichita falls tx
Transfer your measurements to the new sheetrock. Take your knife and score along the front of the sheetrock. Break it and then remove the excess pieces.

patch hole in sheetrock drywall wichita falls tx
Place the newly cut material into the hole.

Use your drill and screws to attach the new piece of sheetrock to the open area.

Use your 20 or 45 minutes joint compound and mix it in your mud pan make it to the consistency thick pancake batter. Take your 6 inch knife and spread even application over the joint. Next, use your paper tape and spread your paper tape along the repaired area. Use your six-inch knife to spread the excess joint compound out of either end and make the paper tape lay smooth over the joint.

After about a half an hour to an hour, take your twenty or forty-five-minute joint compound setting mix and make another batch. You are now use your 8 inch knife to spread it evenly along the joint.

Take care not to put too much material on the joint. Make it smooth and take your time. You will have another application like this. You will repeat this same application, however, with the next application you will use regular joint compound mix. After the previous application has dried about an hour, it’s now time to do you last coat. You may use the regular mud setting compound. Use your 8-inch knife and again repeat the same application steps. Once the repair area is completely dry, take your sanding block or senator and sand it smoothly. Be careful to remove the high areas and the low areas. And you’re done.

You are ready to prime and paint. Okay, if you take your time with this project, and most of all have fun, then it’s going to be a success.

Interested in hiring a professional drywall installation and repair company in Wichita Falls, TX or surrounding areas? Give us a call at (940) 202-7388 and make an appointment today! Don’t hesitate visit us at for a quote!

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