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It’s Tim from Expert Drywall USA, and today I’m going to do a time trial of a cheap wallpaper stripper versus a traditional method of water and sponge to see which is faster. So, I’ll start off with the steamer method. The steamer took 5 minutes and 12 seconds to boil which is already a negative, because it’s going to take you 5 minutes to actually get started on the wallpapers. And it’s more costly in terms of electricity bills and whatnot than the typical bucket method, and also it takes up space in the room in which you’re trying to wallpaper, especially if it’s a smaller room. Because you’re one you’ll have to hold the steamer and the tube that can be in the way sometimes, and also the wire going across the room.

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Whenever you’re moving from one wall to the other can also be kind of dangerous as well. Another negative with the steamer is that it can only be used by one person at a time which can make the job last a lot longer. However, there are positives to using the steamer; for one it’s a lot neater than using a sponge. Another thing is that it’s better for waterproof wallpaper or wallpaper that has been painted over, and it leaves the room a lot drier for whenever you’re done. Maybe the room is you know your kid’s room and your kid will still be in the room later that day, it may be better to go with the steamer method. Now I’ll talk about the sponge in bucket method. The bucket only takes 30 seconds to fill which in compulsions to the steamers 5 minutes to boil is a lot of time whenever you add it all up. At the end of the day when you’ve stripped the whole house of wallpaper, the bucket is a lot cheaper than the steamer require. It’s quick to get ready more than one person can use the bucket.

It’s faster to cover a wall, a lot faster in my experience. And it’s not in the way that steamer is with all the wires hanging out and the tubes going everywhere. So to me, I recommend that when you’re stripping wallpaper in your home, it’s best to stick with the original untraditional water sponge and bucket method. As you can see by the times the water and sponge method is around three minutes faster than the steamer. Now that’s in comparison to two strips of wallpaper. If you look at it in the point of view of if you’re stripping the whole an entire house of wallpaper, that time will increase and the difference between them could be the difference between you getting a job done one day or two .So that’s why I recommend the bucket method.

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